Poll: Do you believe gun owners should compromise on gun rights?

9 thoughts on “Poll: Do you believe gun owners should compromise on gun rights?

  1. Michael Tappon Reply

    Enough is Enough!! Shall not be infringed means Exactly That.. We are a Republic and, these Gun Grabbing attempts are a Huge reason for the 2nd Amendment.! Enough is Enough. We have Laws already that Decent people Follow! They need to be Enforced on Those “who don’t follow them” if my neighbor keeps speeding and receives citations, other people don’t lose their RIGHTS.!!!

  2. C D Reply

    We the people who are law biding and not law beakers.We will NEVER turn in our guns .We will defend our family’s to the end.Criminals do not care about laws. They want us disarmed. To take the GUNS away you will have a WAR We the people. We the people 2ND Amendment it.

  3. Tim Lowry Reply

    It is shameful that law abiding citizens are under attack from the sick leftists. Taking gun rigjts of any kind weakens our ability to protect our families, communities, and country.
    Gov. Inside should be removed from office and anyone that supports his Nazi platform. They have the balls to say conservatives are the hate filled Nazi like people? Look in the mirror and ANTIFA, what a joke.

  4. Willie Reply

    Any and all politicians who propose or support gun control are committing treason. The “red flag” laws alone violate two of our amendments at once.

  5. Frank Panei Reply

    Just remember what mao stalin and hitler did to their own people.

  6. Cynthia wehr Reply

    Nobody has the right to make it so I can’t defend myself, and nobody had the right to try and make me afraid,. I will defend mine and I go where I want when I want because I’m an American and that’s my right

  7. Richard Willey Reply

    The gun owners that I know , think the same as me . Would be a fool to say it in a comment viewed by who knows who.

  8. Bill Reply

    Gun control will only do 1 thing …. create more illegal gun owners. We will not give up are guns !!

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